Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle!

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November 2015, I headed out into the depths of the Amazon jungle in Brazil for two weeks with serial adventurer James Ketchell. James is an ocean rower, world cyclist, and has successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest amongst other achievements. He was delighted at the opportunity to learn new survival and navigation skills with me in the rainforest, and thoroughly enjoyed his experience. As we both tested out many jungle activities including sleeping in hammocks, fishing, learning about the local culture and indigenous populations, as well as navigating through the jungle vegetation. Numerous river crossings became the every day norm, nice day for a swim!!! Great way to cool off.  Foraging in the jungle living of a diet of grubs, fish and anything else we could catch. Using small boats we were able to get up river into some of the most pristine primary jungle I have ever had the privilege to encounter, a rare privilege indeed.

Whilst on the trip I also carried out thorough recce assessments and in-country risk analysis for Rare Adventures. This was to check that every detail of the trip complied with our rigorous safety standards, ready for the launch of our new Amazon adventure later in the year.

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